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LAYU P60RGB3000 Laser Bar 10 Head RGB Parallel Laser Array For Events,Car,
LAYU P60RGB3000 Laser Bar 10 Head RGB Parallel Laser Array For Events,Car,
LAYU P60RGB3000 is a 10 head 3W RGB parallel laser array. Each laser has 10 parallel RGB laser beam and each beam can be controlled separately by DMX console,such as MA,Avolite,etc. It is made of pure diode laser and analog modulation that the users can dimming the output power of each diode from 0% to 100%. When use few units together,can get very colorful laser beam show and effects. It is good for laser events,party,new product launch.laser show,club,et.
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  • LAYU P60RGB3000 Laser Bar 10 Head RGB Parallel Laser Array For Events,Car,

    LAYU P60RGB3500 is a 10 head 3.5W RGB parallel laser array.

    Specification1) 10 head RGB laser array, each color has 256 grade dimming, so that we can get 256*256*256(over 16Million) grade color.

    2) Strong DMX dimming functions, so that can get colorful laser array, and various flowing color changing effects.

    3) Small beam diameter and divergence. Even projecting to a long distance, the beam spots are still ideal.

    4) 10 parallel beam effects, the space between each beam is 10cm. Each beam can be adjusted the X Y axis position so that can get very ideal parallel beams.

    5) 2 kinds of bracket installation mounted designs (Top panel and rear panel installation), offering more flexible installations choice for customers.

    6) Dust proof designs.

    7) Play Mode: Sound active, Auto, Manual mode (choosing the effects), DMX 512, Master /Slave.

     Laser: small diameter beam, low divergence and stable performance diodes.

    10 RGB laser beams, total power is 3.5W. 

    Each beam power is:

    Red: 100mW@635nm, divergence: <0.8mrad

    Green:100mW@520nm, divergence: <0.8mrad


     Play Mode: Sound Active, AUTO, DMX512 (31 channels), Manual, Master/Slave

     Safety Configure: Laser ON-OFF key switch, Laser remote interlock, flying rings bolt

     Power Supply: 90~250V, 50/60HZ, 40~60W

     Size: 1000*160*110mm

     Weight: 12.4Kg

    Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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