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LAYU AL15RGB-Pro 15W RGB Animation Laser Light Projector for Outdoor Live Event Stage Show
LAYU AL15RGB-Pro 15W RGB Animation Laser Light Projector for Outdoor Live Event Stage Show
LAYU AL15RGB-Pro is a professional 15W RGB laser light with small beam and low divergence. Its beam size at aperture is <6mm,divergence is <1.0mrad. It is not only good for the beam show but also good for graphic shows. It is made of analog modulation that users can get more colorful laser show than TTL one. There are more than 200 kinds of beam and graphics built inside it. We also have the option of built-in FB4,Showtower,etc for your choice. It is very good for outdoor events,long distance text,logo projecting,etc.
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  • LAYU AL15RGB-Pro 15W RGB Animation Laser Light Projector for Outdoor Live Event Stage Show

    1. Dust proof designs.Lower the maintenance costs to minimum.

    Top floor is optics floor and electornic floor.It is sealed to keep the smoke and dust outside.

    Below floor is for heat sinking. 4pcs high speed fan will blow the heat away quickly.

    2. Full diode laser module.And all the modules are analog modulation that can have more colorful laser show.

    3. More than 128 kinds of graphics and beam effects built inside the laser.There are more than 200 patterns inside the TF card too.

    If you want to do some simple laser shows,you can use the free software inside the TF card to edit your own programs too.

    For the laser beginner and the limited users,this is a very good choice model.
    4. Also we have the options of building the FB4,Showtower and other kinds of hardware inside the laser projector.So you can control it via professional laser software.

    5. LCD display technology.It is easy to know and understand the setting. And can set the pattern size,scanning speed,color,sensitive,etc in the menu.
    6. DMX in and out.You can do the good laser show via DMX console,such as MA2,MA2,Avolite,Tiger DMX console.
    It is a easy and economy method for the light designers/programmers in the club,live event companies,etc.

    7. Safety: Key lock,remote interlock,scanner failure protection system,flying ring,etc.

    Model Number AL15RGB-pro
    Guaranteed Power 15 watt
    Red Laser Power 4.5watt
    Green Laser Power 5.5watt
    Blue Laser Power 6 watt
    Beam specification ca. : <6mm, divergence: <1.0mrad
    Scanner DT40(40KPPS@8°)
    Max Scanning Angle 60°
    Patterns Built Inside More than 200 kinds of beam and graphics
    Machine Dimension 355*220*185mm
    Net Weight 12.2Kgs
    Play Mode Auto,Sound Active,DMX,Master/Slave,ILDA,TF card
    Power Consumption 300 watt
    Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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