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LAYU GLD-20G Single Green Beam 2W Intelligent Scanning Road Indication Laser Light . Its laser power is 2watt which is powerful for lots of place and its divergence is <1.1 mrad that it can reach longer distance,in dark night,it is no problem to see it in 2km distance far away. Also it has a IP65 intelligent scanning base which can program the scanning route by yourself then run automatically. You can set it via intelligent keyboard and after setting,the program save into the scanning base automatically. Then you don't need to link the keyboard any more if you don't need to adjust it in near future. In China,it is widely used in the express to attract the drivers in the night time so that they won't feel in sleep during the long distance driving. Also many night clubs,shops,shopping mall,BBQ place that are installed it to attract more clients.
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  • GLD-20G

    1. Made of 2 watt green laser light with very low divergence beam.It is <1.1mrad.

    2. Made of 525nm pure green diodes which is more stable in low and high temperatures.

    3. Single green beam effects with fade function.It can set with output power from 0~100% slowly or can set ON for some time and OFF for sometime.
    Also there is a master and slave programs for 3~4 units.You can choose the suitable program that meeting your requirements.
    4Water-proof designs. IP65 housing,suitable for outdoor installation.
    5. Intelligent scanning based which can run the setting points automatically after your setting via intelligent keyboard.
    If without setting,it will run automatically from 0 degreen to 355 degree in horizon.
    The setting points via keyboard that can be stored into the scanning based after let the machine running the program set for 30 seconds after you set it.
    Then no need to use the keyboard anymore if you don't need to control the scanning manually.

    Light source: 2W green

    Light life: >10000 hours

    IP rate: IP65

    Working environment: Indoor and outdoor,-35°C--40°C

    Play Mode: DMX512,  AUTO, Manual, Master/Slave

    Power Supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 20W
    Size: 240(L)*125(W)*95(H)mm
    Weight: 2.4Kg
     Applicable for outdoor lighting,road indication,clubs,park,etc.

    Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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