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LAYU AL30RGB 30Watt RGB DJ Event Concert Laser Light Projector
LAYU AL30RGB 30Watt RGB DJ Event Concert Laser Light Projector
LAYU AL30RGB is a professional 30watt RGB laser light for outdoor DJ events,festival laser show,building mapping,etc. It is made of full diode RGB laser module and with small beam and low divergence. It is not only good for outdoor and indoor beam shows but also good for graphic shows. It has guranteed 20watt RGB laser power output after front aperture and its housing is dust proof compacted designs. Customers don't need to worry about the dust and oil pollution.It can help you to save the maintenance costs.
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  • LAYU AL30RGB 30Watt RGB DJ Event Concert Laser Light Projector

    1. Full pure diode RGB laser with more stable performance and longer working life.The machine can work in -20°C- 50°C.

    2. Two floors designs, more compacted and much lighter.

    1) Top floor: Optical and electric components. Dust proof designs, no maintenance costs. Electric components on the top floor, easy to install and replace. The heat is transmitted to the heat sink.

    2) Middle floor: Heat sink floor. The high speed fans will blow away the heat and keep the machine in good working temperature.

    3. Made of analog laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light more colorful.

    4. There are some optional control hardware for your choice.
    1)Built in FB4. It can export programs from Quickshow software that no need to link the computer with the laser during the operation.

    Also users can link the laser light projector with computer software by RJ45 internet cable which is easy to get in the market.

    Quickshow is one of the popular laser control software in the market.There are about 2000 cues built inside.Users can edit the text,setting the display time code,draw their own programs in the software easily and the laser can show them out at the same time.
    2)Built in Showtower. It is Chinese hardware which is using Truwave software.It can export cues to the hardware and run in auto mode.
    Also can be control via Artnet or DMX.There are also lots of cues and graphics for your choice.You can make your own one too.


    Model Number
    Guaranteed Power 30 watt
    Red Laser Power 8watt
    Green Laser Power 10 watt
    Blue Laser Power 12watt
    Beam Specification ca.: <7mm, divergence: <1.1mrad
    Scanner LY2309(35KPPS@8°) or DT50BB(35KPPS@8°)(optional)
    Max Scanning Angle 60°
    Patterns Built Inside More than 128 kinds of beam and graphics
    Machine Dimension 475*370*190mm(L*W*H)
    Net Weight 27Kgs
    Play Mode Auto,Sound Active,DMX,Master/Slave,ILDA,TF card
    Power Consumption 500 watt
    Input Voltage AC 100~250V,50/60HZ

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