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LAYU A1000B 1 Watt Blue Animation Laser Light

LAYU A1000B 1 Watt Blue Animation Laser Light with 20KPPS Scanner Speed.

Blue color is different from other colors.

It is cold color and with fog machine,its beam is very nice and romantic.

It is good for party,disco,wedding,etc.

LAYU GLD20W Outdoor sky star light for outdoor decoration

LAYU GLD20W Outdoor sky star light for outdoor decoration

It has hundreds of bright and dark dot effects.

It is good for house,yard,theme park decoration to creat romantic environments.

Also it is good for the clubs,party,wedding events,etc.

LAYU Laser 15 Years Anniversary Advertisement

LAYU Laser is established in 2007.This year is its 15 years anniversary.

We are using few 20watt RGB laser to projecting "LAYU 15 Years Anniversary" in Chinese to the hill more than 200 meters far away.

It is a good advertisement methods to projecting texts and logo onto the hill.Audience can see it hundreds of meters far away.

Outdoor 70W RGB laser performance

LAYU WP70RGB is outdoor laser projector with 70 watt RGB power and IP65 housing.

It can be installed outdoor permanently.No need to worry about the weather.

No matter it is rainy day,snowy day,etc.It is no affect to the performance of the laser light projector.

It is good for outdoor advertisement,landmark building,theme park,etc.

AM420RGB 4 head animation laser light video

LAYU AM420RGB is a 4 head RGB animation laser light array.

Its total power is 8 watt RGB.Each head is 2 watt RGB power.

It is suitable for mid-to-big clubs,events,laser show,etc.

There are mroe than 128 kinds of graphics and laser beam effects pre-built inside the laser.

Each head can be controlled by DMX controller separately.

Also it can run in automatically mode.

LAYU AC02RGB 2 Watt Full Color Animation Laser Light Projector

LAYU AC02RGB 2 Watt Full Color Animation Laser Light Projector

It is a full diode 2W RGB laser in very compacted housing.

It is dust proof design and the weight is very light.

It has ILDA interface,clients can link it to the computer to use laser software to control it or can use DMX console to control it,such as MA,Avolite,etc.

Also it can be set in automatic play mode that it will pay the programs built inside and choose the programs inside the SD card to play.

If you like the sound active mode,then you can set it in this mode too.

It is good for mobile DJ,event,wedding,club,etc.

Dancing in the laser time tunnel with drone

In modern stage,laser effect is very important role because its brightness and energy saving.

The stage directors prefer to use 30watt RGB laser or 10watt green laser to make the time tunnel effects.

And let the dancer to dance in the laser tunnel or on the tunnel,so as to add more romantic factors to the theme.


This product has an increased frequency of utilization.

LAYU AT10G 10watt Green Laser Outdoor Light Show

The 10 watt green laser is very bright.

Even in outdoor without fog machine that the beam can be seen clearly.

And human's eye is very sensitive to green light that the light can be seen in a far distance.

So the green laser is very popular in many countries.

LAYU GLD20W Waterproof White Color Starry laser projector

LAYU GLD20W is a waterproof white color starry laser projector.

Its power is 5 watt white light.

It has few hundreds of bright and dark light dots.The effects looks like the stars in the sky.

Its housing is IP65 that it is suitable for outdoor decorations.

If you want to creat a romantic environment for your party,wedding,restaurant,park,garden,then can choose this one.

Laser time tunnel and 2 watt white starry laser projector show

Laser time tunnel is very popular in the Chinese theme parks.

It creats romantic environment and new scene to attract visitors to take photos there.

In the developed internet and short video times,those attractive photos and videos reach to lots of audience.

That can help to increase visitors quantity and raise the ticket sales of those theme parks.

LAYU P40R100 red laser bar performance

LAYU P40R100 is a 40 red beam laser bar.

Each laser has 40 red laser beam.

Each line has 8 laser beam,so that can get 5*8 laser array in one laser.

It has all laser beam on,stobe,chasing,flowing effects,etc.

It can be set in automatic mode,sound active mode,or DMX512 mode,Master/slave mode.

It brings you a special laser effects.

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