14 years of experience in the development of professional laser stage lighting.

LAYU P10R100+ 10 head aperture red laser array.

It is single red laser bar with DMX control function.

The 10 red laser beam is parallel.Each beam's X and Y position are adjustable that can get exactly parallel laser beam.

The brightness of each laser can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

It is good for the clubs,laser show,new product released,etc.

LAYU P10R100+ 10 head aperture red laser array.


1. 10 red laser beam bar,each beam's X and Y position can be adjusted by the 4 screws in the front panel. 

2. Small laser beam diameter and divergence(dia. <3mm,divergence is <1.0mrad). 

Even projecting to a long distance, the beam spots are still ideal.

3. 10 laser beam parallel effects, distance between each beam is 10cm.

Each beam is adjusted independently and beam X/Y position is adjusted in front panel.

So you can get beams parallel totally.

4. Dust proof designs, much longer working life.

5. Lots of laser effects,such as laser on,strobe,positive and negative direction flowing effects,chasing effects,etc.

6. Play Mode: Sound active, Auto, DMX 512, and Master/Slave.

7. Power: Red laser: 10* 100mW @638nm.

8. Machine dimension: 100*16*6.5cm

9. Net weight: 10kg

10.Applicable for new product launch,event,club,dj,party,etc.

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