14 years of experience in the development of professional laser stage lighting.

LAYU SL10RGB is white color starry laser projector.

Each star of this laser is full color which is big different from the star laser projector in the market that only has one color.

Users can set any color to display or can run it by automatic or sound active mode then it will project all colors by turns.

And users can control the rotation,flashing speed and the programs by dmx controller.


                            Luxury housing design

                   With LED display,key lock safety feature 

                   and DMX IN and Out interface.

            White color beam
          Purple color beam
              Cyan color beam
                    Yellow color beam

7 color sky star laser light, twinkling star effects.

Each star with 7 color effects, such as red, green, blue, yellow, pink, cyan and white colors.

This feature is big differences from the current RGB twinkling star laser light whose star is single red, single green and single blue only.  

Colors changing effects, speed changing effects, Strobe effects and so on.

 Scanner: Precise step motor with 45 degree projection angle.

 Laser power: 

Red laser: 80mW @638nm.

Green laser: 50mW @505nm.

Blue laser: 100mW @450nm.

 Play Mode: DMX512, Sound Active, AUTO, Master/Slave

 Power Supply: 100~250V, 50/60HZ, 10W

 Machine dimension: 190(L)*145(W)*85(H)mm

 Net Weight: 1.2kg

 Applicable for ballroom, KTV, bar, nightclub, various performance venues, indoor landscape lamps and interior decoration effect lights.

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