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Test of outdoor green laser light in a park

Test of outdoor green laser light in a park

To many new clients,it is hard to choose a new supplier because it is hard for them to visit the supplier's factory and inspect the finished products by themselves.

But in LAYU,we can help to solve this problem.We can do the inspections as per the clients' requirements.

In this video,you will see the performance of our outdoor green laser light projector in a park.

As per the client's requirement,we test it in the path of the park without any smoke in the environment.

The effects is good that the client is satisfied with it.



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Right now,more and more laser light projectors are used in the parks because they can be seen in far distance.

People are projecting the beams or texts,logos to attract more tourist to the place.

The green laser is so bright that it is a good choice to many place.

In the video,you can see we tested some patterns without any smoke.

But the beam still can be seen clearly.

Compared to other lights,laser light has its own advantages of low divergence and high energy rate that it can project further than other lights.

For exmaple,in the dark light,1 watt green laser can be seen in few kilometers far away if it is shooting a single green beam.

But if it is 100 watt moving head or par light,only can be seen within hundred meters.

Nowadays,the unit price of laser light projector is much cheaper than before that they can be widely used in the commercial area.

People are using them in the advertisement,landmark building,clubs,stage,theme park,etc.

Also laser light projectors are being used in the airport,vineyard,farms,etc to keep the bird away to make the plane safety or increase the productions.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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