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LAYU WP70RGB outdoor landmark sky laser light projector with 70 watt RGB laser power

LAYU WP70RGB outdoor landmark sky laser light projector with 70 watt RGB laser power

LAYU WP70RGB outdoor landmark sky laser light projector with 70 watt RGB laser power.

Right now,the city light is very popular all over the world.

The governments are investing a lot in the night lighting to decorate the city.

The high power laser light is one of the best choice for that.

Our 70 watt RGB laser light can be projected to few kilometer far away.

It can be set as a single beam to get far distance or can use to project texts or patterns to around 1 kilometers far away.



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LAYU WP70RGB outdoor landmark sky laser light projector with 70 watt RGB laser power.


1. Water proof laser with IP65 rating designs. Multi-waterproof structure design. The housing reaches IP65 protection level (protection against dust and low-pressure jets of directed water for any angle).

2. Made of water proof materials and special process designs to make sure the exposed components (fans, socket, screws, etc.) working well.

3. Full pure laser with more stable performance and longer working life. Diode solid-state (DSS) laser is that when power on, the diode will have laser output directly. It can work properly between -30°C and 40°C.

4. Beam diameter <9mm, divergence <2.3mrad.

5. Made of analog laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light more colorful.

6. Operation interface: LCD display.

7. TF Card storage build in program and downloading program.

8. Safety Feature: Single beam protection and shutter protection system (ON and OFF selection choice. It is very important to have these safety function for high power laser), key lock.

9. Safety intelligent: PC control mode will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal. The scanner failure protection will shut off the laser signal and the shutter will block the laser output automatically, so as to avoid the single beam coming out.

10. Applicable for all kinds of large-scale outdoor performances, outdoor lighting projects.

Warning: Don’t project to the crowd and don’t project a single beam to the aircraft flight route!!!


Technical Specification

1. Voltage: AC90~250V/AC, 50HZ/60HZ,max consumption power: 1500W

2. Laser module: With high precision TEC control system. The temperature error range is under ± 0.5 ° to make sure the LD working at the ideal temperature conditions. This can help to raise the light efficiency and prolong the working life span of the diodes. If the TEC system detects abnormal temperature, it will turn off the laser output signal until the temperature back to normal.

WP70RGB: Red: 18W, wavelength 638nm, Green: 20W, wavelength 525nm, Blue: 32W, wavelength 450nm.

           Beam dia. <8*9(H)mm, Divergence<2.3mrad

3. Laser life: >10000 hours

4. Laser level: Class 4 laser

5. Waterproof Level: IP65

6. Work Environment: outdoor and indoor, -30 °C --40 °C

7. Scanner: DT(Dragon Tiger) the highest quality of optical scanner, high speed and high precision, high stability and long life design. It has a intelligent self-protection system. When overloaded, it will narrow the scanning angle to protect itself. This can help to prolong the working life of the scanner.

WP70RGB: DT30Plus, 25KPPS ILDA @8°, Optical angle 50°, mirror 15*14*1.2/X, 23*12*1.2/Y   

   Play file format: supporting standard ILDA file which is with “.ild “.

8. Working Modes: PC Control, DMX512, PRG(SD card program), ILD(SD card program), Sound   Active, AUTO

9. Interface: DB25-ILDA interface for PC control, RJ45-ILDA interface for PC control (RJ45 cat cable is more convenient to get and wire than ILDA cable. There is no signal attenuation even after 300 meters transmission in the experiments), 3 pins XLR jack for DMX,

10. Machine dimension: 670(L)*400(W)*240(H)mm(only machine)

                    670(L)*450(W)*350(H) mm (including dimension of horizontal rotating support)                     

11. Net Weight: 59Kg(including horizontal and vertical support weight)

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