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◆ 特点:单绿大功率动画激光,采用40KPPS高速度振镜扫描技术,图案具断笔、频闪、旋转、翻滚、移动、拉伸、缩放、渐绘、速度等效果,具图案大小调节功能,内置128个光束及动画图案,可做光束动画表演、激光广告、激光投影◆ 扫描系统:40KPPS高速振镜,±30°扫描◆ 激光器:3000mW(532nm)温控◆ 控制模式:DMX512、声控、自动光束、自动动画、主从同步、PC控制◆ DMX功能:十二通道控制,具黑场功能◆ 电脑接口:兼容ILDA标准电脑激光表演软件控制。ILDA的全信号采用电子开关转换◆ 安全
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◆ Features:Single color(green) animation laser show system with high-speed optical scanner to create animated graphics,128 beam and graphics patterns,and with the function of unique blanking,frequently flashing,rotating,movement,billowing,zoom(+/-),drawing,speed and color etc.
◆ Scanner:40KPPS,±30°
◆ Laser Power:Green:3000mW(532nm)
◆ Function:PC control,DMX512,Sound active,AUTO-beam,AUTO-animation,Master/slave
◆ DMX512:12 channels control with the function of "BLACK OUT"
◆ PC control:Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface.Using electronic switches to conversion full ILDA signal
◆ Safety Capacity:Automatically identify ILDA or built-in program mode.Master/slave mode,DMX512 and PC control mode,will shut off laser automatically without trigger signal.Design according to security and good performance,safety to human and environment
◆ Size:500*325*155mm
◆ G.W:12Kg
◆ Applicable for Disco,Clubs,KTV,Pub,Bar,Family party,etc
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