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Landmarks Laser Light features?

Time:2019-01-10Views:514 Author:LAYU Laser Technology
The main features of the landmark laser light is pointing in any direction can be achieved, can achieve a variety of beam sideshow, can achieve analog clock second hand swing, and unattended Switcher function. Landmarks large laser provider (such as Han's Laser) will also provide a remote control via mobile phone or telephone system tasks and planned start-stop function; online custom laser swings, rate, residence time, and the laser switches and other tasks, the basic operation parameters sequence and combination; arrange laser Operation in online, you can set the start and stop function laser tasks by the hour, week, day, month, and year time period. Landmarks Laser is the use of a laser as a radiation source, through the lens reflection high-energy laser beam direct parallel in the night sky, 360 ° continuous rotation radiation, the formation of a radius of ten kilometers, green, bright beam of a laser show, laser beam diameter is generally ¢ 60mm or so, the distance and the laser power is proportional to the radiation, and air quality but also have a great relationship, such as the absence of dust in the air after the rain situation, 60W landmark laser irradiation distance of 10 kilometers or more, the visual distance of 15 kilometers or more . Advertising effect landmarks laser is very large, can attract people's attention, greatly enhance the visibility of the building, such as Shenzhen Wang to building roof landmark laser, landmark laser is a revolutionary leap buildings decorative lighting, so that people really experience to bring a strong visual impact laser. 

Products are widely used in theme parks, tourist attractions, landmark buildings, bars, theaters, DISCO dance halls, night clubs, KTV, large-scale celebration performances, exhibitions and so on. 
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